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Penn Jillette for president?

A hat tip to Rawhide with his "beating a dead horse" video on the market page, I found this video on that You Tube page.   First off Jillette is a atheist, but an honest atheist, something that is rare and I find very acceptable.   Jillette has a marvelous conversation with Glenn Beck..I know I know I know "Glenn Beck" I`m not a fan either but this is a great conversation. 


Beck has a chart at about 5 minutes of a scale with anarchy/occupy wallstreet/the the middle the 2 party system...on the other end toltiitarianism/nazi/socialism/communism on the other. 


Jillette says if given the choice between a Christian or a socialism...he would hands down choose the "Christian".  See I doubt that the 2 resident foreign atheists, Don, GTO and AgJudge would also choose the "Christian" over the socialist.


But I found the conversation and chart interesting and would put myself smack dab between the Constitution and Republican party, simply because I don`t feel that the population could handle the dope smoking and 9 yr olds shooting machine guns. 


Here is the conversation and if you don`t watch simply because of "Glenn Beck" then that is your loss.