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People of Praise


Sort of a hybrid neo-Catholic cult that encompasses conservative Catholic beliefs with a Protestant Pentacostal shading.


SCOTUS hopeful Amy Barrett is a member. While current odds run 40% to Kavanaugh and only 30 to Barrett, I'm betting on Barrett.


Trump is, demonstrably, an idiot. His sole genius lies in a sixth sense in knowing how to create the greatest strife and division within our society. Mitch thinks it will be easier to confirm Kavanaugh* or Hardiman but Don don't care- just writing the ultimate WWE script to get the folk whipped into a fury.


She wouldn't help with the "women's vote" any more than Clarence Thomas helped with the black vote, just part of the gotcha game- both on gender and religion.


*Although Kavanaugh's authorship of academic opinions that the POTUS is above the law might be compelling too.

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Re: People of Praise

Think I'll stick with my bet, though.


One of the other Catholic Federalist Society justices can craft the originalist opinion that finds this all to be an unconstitutional Witch Hunt,  just  so long as she votes for it.


as to his arguments that the Presidency is above the law- at least while the President is in office (his service in the Ken Starr investigation notwithstanding).,


Nothing in the Constitution strongly supports the primacy of the executive branch but there's plenty of contemporaneous writing that could be used to craft the desired Originalist conclusion.


Hamilton, for one, argued for a strong Executive in many places, including the Federalist Papers.


Never mind that he was broadly assailed by the Jeffersonians (who the "populist" elements of the GOP tend to find affection for) or the fact that there would be little doubt about what Hamilton meant by A Well Regulated Militia.


"tis, as I said, like the Bible Verse game where you go pick out anything you'd like for a gotcha.

from The King of Chaos' point of view

a couple of failed nominations wouldn't be altogether bad as long as it is bitter and divisive and offers more opportunity to destroy the center.


After all, given the setup thee is somebody on the Federalist list of 25 who they can get through.


In the end it might leave ND shorthanded for long snappers, though.

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Don't lose hope...Amy may still make it

When Ruthie kicks the bucket in a year or so, Amy will be ready, loaded, and waiting.


And Trump will be under pressure to replace RBG with another woman.