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People people people

As Drago exclaimed in McLintock


This place has truly went to pot


I am not against free speech...

But, with free speech you are

Not entitled to say anything your

Little heart desires.

You holler fire in a crowed building,

When there is no that's

Not covered.....saying we should

Shoot and kill a specific group of, that is called a terrorist


Running down a certain race...again


Comments about gay and lesbian..

Hate talk....why contact the DOJ....

These are crimes.


There is an old saying...your rights

End where my nose begins.


The used to be a place for gentleman


Now....I am at a loss to what to

Call it, other than a ceespool.


Knowing the quality of most meridth

Publishing....such as touch of

Home, country, birds and blooms


This place sticks out like a sore



Maybe you need to read the terms

When posting here.


Let's go back where we had lady's and

Gentleman on here, rather than volgur 

Blow hards, and people that are so

Emotional cripple they must put

Down someone all the time.



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Senior Advisor

Re: People people people

No one will be trampled here if someone cries fire. You want this place shut down because you disagree with what is being said.

Senior Contributor

Re: People people people

There are a small handful of us who have been here from he old days. I am one of them and there are others who were here before me. Some things have changed, but some have not. Craig once wanted to nuke the entirety of Afghanistan because he was afraid of them. Others seem more pissed off than afraid, but there has always been a clear divergence of opinion historically. However some things are new and truly jaw dropping, but then again so is the Trump phenomena. There have always been crazy people here (from any perspective). Maybe I'm one of them. However when I visit this site I have never failed to be disappointed for more than a decade and I am sure my fellow Ag Forum members who go as far back as myself have also never failed to be disappointed. However, this place is always interesting.



Senior Contributor

Re: People people people

No its been worse.   NWF was even worse than even nox,  He tried to badger another poster into meeting him for a fist fight one time.   Drove many non progs off of here with his harrassment.   He emailed my isp various lies trying to stir trouble, thats when it became obvious you had to be anon on here.   But honestly I think one side of the debate just loved the guy.

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Re: People people people

Look at the 1993 clip of Harry Reid and tell me which side has changed. Hate speech is protected speech. You confuse it with social media rules.
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Re: People people people

I agree, NWF was the worst on here. It took me two years of stealthy Internet methods,using log files of his presence on one of our servers that he unknowingly clicked onto, but I found him. 


Once "Pat" Patterson of New Way Farms, of Trenton, Mo. area was exposed, he went ballistic, and was banned from here. He passed away shortly thereafter. 


I always told him that I would outlast him. The same with the "bossy Aussie", Colin Norris,  that used to haunt this place.