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Perspective on message boards

My son is a big sports fan and spends time on sports talk message boards. Occasionally he'll share with me some form of hoohah that somebody asserted which happened to make him particularly indignant.


So I asked him, "do you ever acknowledge even partial truth in anything someone of different leanings posts?" To which he responded of course not, you give any of them an inch and they'll just use it to beat on you.


And so it goes.





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BA Deere
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Re: Perspective on message boards

Well I don't think anyone's mind is going to be changed on here, that's why I target you liberals, I'm selfish I want you to change MY mind. Oh I'll tell you what I believe and exactly how I came to those conclusions, then its up to YOU to turn me into a gay, gun hating, communist welfare far I haven't been convinced. 🙂

But seriously, on here everyone only brings up their most polarizing beliefs, in real life they wouldn't be brought up or tamed down a mite. We would all probably agree on more than you might imagine, its just those 10 or 20% of areas wed have to stay away from.
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Re: Perspective on message boards

BA We have been s'plaining to you that you are wrong but you have this comprehension problem that doesn't work well when you won't give it consideration. Nobody is gonna take your guns but you hyperventilate at the very mention of guns. It's certian type of guns we wish to regulate. Not you male member so don't get so catatonic at the very mention of firearms.


There is nothing in all your ranting and raving that convinces us that you are sane enough to be trusted with fire arms.

Re: Perspective on message boards

I'm nearly certain that is the reason people don't proclaim me correct on every subject.

Re: Perspective on message boards

That was humor

Re: Perspective on message boards

I'm hardly suggesting that we all just get along.


Simply saying that in this medium people don't seek discussion, they seek confirmation of their own previously held views.


I do get a little bit of use out of this as I got chased out of the coffee shop and removed from all e-mail lists for fact checking and hitting Reply to All.


It keeps me up to date on what's being sent down the wire to the frog's leg.

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Re: Perspective on message boards

Unfortunately true in most circumstances; this forum is a prime example.  Hardly worth viewing and any posts are ridiculed by the opposing side regardless of the merit.  Fortunately life provides many other avenues to explore and allow participation rather than wile away the hours in generally baseless crimination and recrimination.