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Petraus...heard this blog entry discussed on sports talk radio

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Re: Petraus...heard this blog entry discussed on sports talk radio

maybe youre starting to understand that the corporate media exists to make the news not report it. like a magician keeps your eye on his hands while the real action goes unnoticed.
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Re: Petraus...heard this blog entry discussed on sports talk radio

The problem of course is all the people who have not come to the realization that many "NEWS" networks and shows are really just entertainment.


They quit telling just the news some time ago.

Starting to understand?

My dear young man...I'm totally certain that living through the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the ascension of the Reagan Repbulicans and seeding of cultivation of the cultual right for the edification of an apolitcal plutocracy....all very likely before you were born or lod enough to be aware of anyting politcal...I am, and have been for a very long, totally time aware of that. 


I've not heard any criticism form you of the recently identified  "conservative entertainment complex"


Haven't heard mention from you of which of the networks gave considerable face time to your libertarian favorites Paul and Johnson, and which ones acted as if they were paraiahs. 


The meteoric rise of FOX News in a straight time line with the Lewinsky situation is really all one needs to know in understanding Mr. Simons plog entery. 





Re: Starting to understand?

i'll give you a dollar for every link you find that i posted to a fox article, you give me one for every lnk you post to a ny times, cbs, or one of the other dept of media sources. bet you i'll be ahead.

Re: Starting to understand?

My example of FOX wasn't about that.  It was an example of what you and I actually seem to agree upon.  And i would proffer that there are seams within sources that are more credible than others.


I'll admit that I do happen to trust the Tmes more than most other sourcces.  Their editorial staff is much, much more diverse and ther are a lot of balanced views to sort through on almost every major topic that comes along. and It has gotten better in that respect over the past couple of years.  Ther eisn;t a better conservative commentaro in the land than Russ Douthat.  I soak his every word up like a sponge.   As opposed, say, to the beltway mouthpiece Washington Post, ABC, CNN or FOX news.  And the example I was trying to make, which you avoid addressing but Im certain that you understand is that Johnson and Paul were frequent guests during the GOP primary season on LINK, FSTV, Current...all definitely NOT corporate media ....and, yes...  NBC's MSNBC.  


And CBS?  I don't watch anything on CBS other than a little NFL, 60 Minutes once in a blue moon and the local news affiliate for the nearby weather and the website isn''t on my bookmarks.  Where'd that come from?   I couldn't tell you who their primary news people aside from teh 60 Minutes crew are. 

Re: Starting to understand?

As far as the "move along, nothing to see here" thing.


Was thinking about the takedown of Dan Rather and the fact that well after the fact it is pretty clear that Rather was more right on the matter than he was wrong.


But there were folks a plenty who for more than a generation had been seething to get that guy who they just knew didn't share their worldview.


So most of the people I've broached the topic with are still just darn glad that they finally got the no good SOB, and I suppose that he wasn't able to do any more harm to another fine white man who spoke with Jesus daily. Never mind the facts.


Not really at all unlike the lefts hatred of Richard Nixon which went all the way back to his congressional campaign against Helen Gahagen Douglas. Yes, the "ellitists" really did hate him although you can say, at minimum, that they were able to get under the skin of that fine American and turn him into a paranoid whacko.

Re: Petraus...heard this blog entry discussed on sports talk radio

You are certainly right! for now, everything is done for entertainment and it's not so bad, isn't it? I, for one, like to watch different sports online (who are interested there's a cool website - and I am doing this course for fun, what do you think?