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Pharm Ceo's


Dumpster said He will rein in Pharmaceutical cost s and negotiate the WEAK & Sad!!tm policies that  allow our health care system to charge $500 for a 5 cent pill.


The CEO's met with him at his big giant, fabulous table. Afterwards, they said he didn't even bring it up.


LOL stooopod stooopid trumpanzees...................

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Re: Pharm Ceo's

Yep, I already posted on the subject.   But of course Barry also did nothing.

Re: Pharm Ceo's

Lock Her Up!

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Re: Pharm Ceo's

Well went to dr, have been using lantus
Long acting Insulin, priced at $340 a box,
I was given a card to try something new,
Same as lantus, with 1 thing added, now
About $670 a box ! 😕