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I hereby exonerate you of being on any side and sincerely apologize for assuming you have a side.



I hope that you "may possibly" consider this a "valid" absolution and I will never again assume you have a side.

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Re: I don't know KNAPP



Since I'm on some sort of side here I'll tell you my thoughts of this:


  • Moron pays ridiculous money for a shoot the lion trip Yep
  • News of this wouldn't have made it past the 30 mile mark if it would have been any other lion Maybe
  • There is nothing special about this lion Oh really ? Is that so ?
  • Moron didn't set out for this lion You know  this how?
Seems you know many of the unknowns, as you say.
One thing you do know for certain, that man is a moran at the very least.


man of steel
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You sure know how to turn snotty

Re: Pig KILLS Lion

Such people should burn in hell

Re: Pig KILLS Lion

I wonder if such people have a conscience? How you can kill an animal for fun. This is the oldest lion. He was adored by all people. How it was possible to take and kill a human admirer, I don't understand. I also don't understand why the protection in the reserve was so low that it was possible to lure out the lion. I remember when my sister worked in the reserve, she nursed every animal. They kept a clear control over each animal. They studied What eats a Lion. My sister also studied the habits of lions.