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Just maybe we can sock enough away from our post retirement jobs and bundle it with our meager pension and SS income to travel to the Old Country and give them their propers:
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Re: Pilgrimage

As long as Sweden stays relatively homogeneous, a limited amount of socialism can work relatively well.  Once word of "free candy" gets out though, Katey bar the door! 

Re: Pilgrimage

In nearby Finland, non-whites are barred from becoming citizens. They also have, I believe , the lowest violent crime rates in Europe.
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Re: Pilgrimage



Freerepublic ??????   SO Shocking that you swim in the SEWER of the Internet.


Cleanse thyself !!!


Actually, Im not suprised and I now have you in the same category as Ollie and Rusty Red Steel. ( I don't click on their posts and the time savings alone is enourmous. Plus I don't have to bleach my brain due to reading nonsense. You are in good company.