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“Plague”.... “daunting”

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Re: “Plague”.... “daunting”

"Like with international terrorism, a cross-government effort is needed so we can work together to identify the individuals who are most at risk of perpetuating attacks."


Guess its a good thing the NSA keeps so much information on everyone,  need to hook the FBI in there a little more readily.


Remember back in those days when you were skittish about the patriot act and all the constitutional intrusions it would allow?  Now, when you imagine it will be used on those you view as political enemies you're all for it.    Round up those 4chan'ers, daily stormer's, and truthers (opps got nox in the net), oh and antifa doesn't even exist.

Senior Advisor

Re: “Plague”.... “daunting”

One Congressional Republican- Senate and House- voted against The Patriot Act- Ron Paul. Might have been a couple who opposed some of the later attendant legislation. A few LibDems did.

Of course we were all cowering in our bunkers at that moment because the boogie man was coming to anthrax us and our babies. Thank God GWB gave us assault weapons.