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Please explain

My local daily paper always has a section called "Looking Back"  where it list about a dozen or so things that happened on the same calendar day sometime back in history.  I see in the Aug. 26th paper it said:


"In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson was nominated for a term of office in his own right at the Democratic national convention in Atlantic City, N.J."


What exactly does it mean "in his own right"?    If this is some type of self nomination then why was it done?   Could he not get enough votes?

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Re: Please explain

President Kennedy was murdered in Dallas Texas. Lyndon Johnson was elevated to the presidency as a result of that murder.


President Johnson had not yet been elected to the presidency in his own right. He assumed the presidency by default.


In 1964 he was nominated and elected to a term in his own right. Meaning of course that this

nomination and election  was not on the shirt tails of John Kennedy but won completely and clearly on his own merit.

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Re: Please explain

Truman had the same deal in '48.    He could have run again in '52 but chose not to. 

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Re: Please explain

Thanks for the replies guys.