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bruce MN

Pocketed $617M out of $1.26B in donations.

Try saying that 3 times, fast.

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Re: Pocketed $617M out of $1.26B in donations.

Senile joe inauguration viewing fee at $1 million a pop? + $100,000 if you want to take home a drop of senile joe's drool?

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Re: Pocketed $617M out of $1.26B in donations.

Jack Dorsey pulls that out of his pocket and lays it on top of the dryer.

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Re: Pocketed $617M out of $1.26B in donations.

In fairness, I think there were substantial campaign distributions from that but probably some considerable campaign finance violations contained therein.

Hard to tell anything to the GQP folks who know everything but it would have been a good idea to not gut the FEC when you're laying all your chips on a couple of crime families. Knowing somebody was watching would have been somewhat helpful.

Sounds a little like the pyschological warfare waged by the Lincoln Project worked. They targeted Dennison- getting him to understand that Parscale was scamming him (he was) and got him to move a chunk of funds out of reach.

But I'm sure an opportunity to rake some off themselves would not have been missed.