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My grandparents told me about

Polio, and how they worried their

Children would get.  They told me

of driving by hospitals that would

Have windows open...because one

Of the treatments was hot towels.

Due to staff shortages, parents went to hospital with their sick required 24 hr coverage.

It was nothing uncommon that familys would take turns caring

For kids....everyone worked together.

You took care the kid in the next

Bed when the parents were asleep

Or gone to bathroom...because they did the same.

I was told you didnt go to town...

kids didnt play together....things

Shut down....people would wear


Nobody doubted the

If this or that could be done...because it was done for the

Right save lives.

Maybe you have heard of march

Of dimes ? of the things

They helped with was polio.

To put it in perspective, in the

Early 1950' cases around

50,000....death's. 3,000

Fast cv19.....number

Infected I dont know anymore...

Dead....over 80,000.

We are hollering about rights...

Using medications untested...

People saying mask dont work

(although shortage...and used in

hospitals all the time).

The president instilled calm in

The people....unlike today...people

Protest...threats made...even 

Saying false and misleading 

Statements...and pointing

At who is to blame....did fdr

Do that ?

Then....lets work together to get


Today we feel it is our god given

Right to run around and do what

WE hell with the other

Guy....we have to shop..we have to

Go to ball games....we have to go

To bars...  

This weekend I saw tags in town

From counties under quartine...

Lake was going out

Of the store like crazy....parties

Going on all over.....

Caution....thrown to the wind...

We have been acting like humans

For too long....

The plan is in 5 days to being

Very observant....very good odds

Cases will spike....and a new round.

Today...the people have no common sense.....they have

To have what they want when

They want or else.

What ever happened to america ?


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Re: Polio

I would suggest you watch this

Story on polio...about 10 minutes




Re: Polio

We have numerous friends, acquaintances and relatives who were afflicted with polio.

Grateful to have ducked it, even with a dear cousin just a bit younger than me who has been crippled since he was 2 and who we spent time with as with a sibling. 

Hundreds of millions people ultimately saved but Dr. Salk’s vaccine. Inoculation eradicated smallpox.

No clue how so many can be thinking, saying and displaying by their differential behavior that somehow “this time is different”.

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roll your eye thread

Bring out your dead

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Re: roll your eye thread


Senior Contributor

Re: roll your eye thread

What counties in Kansas are under quarantine?

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Re: roll your eye thread

"So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days." ~ F. D. Roosevelt 


Let me also assert that FDR didn’t have to put up with a seditious media trying to destroy him 24 hours each day with a warlike effort of a coup d’etât attempt in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice. Mostly because he firmly pushed a proSocialist agenda. 

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Re: roll your eye thread

@sam1wiseone wrote:

What counties in Kansas are under quarantine?

The Hays area must be pretty bad, according to elcheapo. 

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Re: Polio

People are working together now. Have you seen the lines at the food banks? During the polio days mayors didn't send out the brown shirts to close businesses and churches and haul the patrons off to jail. You said it yourself. Liquor stores are open but churches are closed. To some people this doesn't make sense.

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Re: roll your eye thread

Salk didn't patent his vaccine- just a do-gooder.

Another of the elements of a failed state that is likely to come to the fore here will be the highly profitable capture by the neoliberal pharma complex.

And coupled with a reckless, desperate political movement, maybe some more really bad stuff.

Actually doesn't matter if there's ever a vaccine, except for the huge money that's going to be thrown around from the government and "the market" - expect almost daily press releases from pharma cos. 

What does matter is that people believe that a vaccine or cure is imminent so they get out and shop.