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Esteemed Advisor

Political Realities.....Shift to Republican Party

America is heading toward its third great political realignment (

At least this is what my old drinking buddies at Mettlers see happening, and Jose and Cedric anecdotally show. But what do they know, eh?

Remember when I called this several years ago.....that Hispanics are conservative by nature and don't want anything to do with the crap sandwich that the Democrats place on their menu?

The surprise is the desertion by Cedric and Tyrone....who would have thunk it that Black men want to vote the way they want, and not have a jerkwad like joebiden telling them what they should want?

We have a local Hispanic man that is working two (2) 40 hour jobs, and making well over six figures each year. Guess what party he supports?

Movers and Shakers.....they come in all hues and colors.

Must suck to be a backslider these days.