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Re: Politics in light of Bible Prophecy

I think the "just know" is a burden on your end BA not Canuck.  You have a book that was supposedly written by men during the time of christ.  You have no way of documenting the words that were written, could have been some drunk middle eastern guys think, "Hey if we make up a bunch of stories and put them in a book, wonder how many people we can sucker with it?" 


There are numerous other religions that claim to have a book that is the word of god, most you disagree with.  It is one thing to believe, it is another to claim it is the only religion to abide by.  That is were the world gets into problems much like we do now. 


And I do not believe the bible gives much tolerances for sexist pigs, (like you), bigots (like you) and the need to eliminate a vast majority of people (like millie) just because they do not bow down to your god.  If you want us to believe more into your god, start posting like you actually follow what is written in the bible instead of being one of those that sings the loudest in church on Sunday then screw your neighbor on Monday.

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+999 Billion Tillion


Re: Politics in light of Bible Prophecy

Tim  LeHaye has departed this mortal coil but unfortunately his toxic legacy will remain for at least a generation.


I regard those interpretations as dangerous fantasies.

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Re: Politics in light of Bible Prophecy

So lets get our assumptions together here BA


It is just your opinion based on your assumptions that the bible is predicting the present situation.

Ok then that is only as good as your assumptions and with no evidence worthless to anyone else.


Again you are trying to switch the burden of proof, I did not make any claims about there being a god, any god, or not all I did is state there has never been any evidence or proof of any god presented to me.

With no evidence I keep my options open.


Now you are claiming there is a god (nameless so far) and also  this anti christ god but have presented no evidence to back up your claim(s). At least 2 gods so far.

Ball is in your court, you are making the claims.