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Poll from another site, cleaned up a bit.

The poll question is what would you accept to eliminate Chinese tariffs.
1. Gun confiscation.
2. A tax on cow farts.
3. People in the white house who believe deep held religious beliefs will have to change.
4. Boys showering with your pre-teen and teen daughters in public school.
5. Elimination of any border enforcement.
6. The 60% estate tax such as Hillary had pushed for on her election website.

My own question is why hasn't anybody asked publicly if any of the Democratic candidates would immediately eliminate all of the tariffs. 

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Re: Poll from another site, cleaned up a bit.

Many would, there`s a handful on the market page that would.  They want to get rid of Trump, free healthcare, they don`t have a teenage daughter and don`t give a crap about their grandkids, they have a "We`re spending our kid`s inheritance! Smiley Happy" bumpersticker on the back of their Winnebago and the county will bury them.