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Senior Advisor


Which are you more afraid that the Socialists will take away?

a. plastic straws

b. incandescent lightbulbs

c. assualt weapons

d. health care

hint: if you don't know, the default is always b.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Poll

Or try these:

Under more socialistic government leadership, which would cause you the most concern:


Increased taxes

Increased social regulations and/or "encouraged" conformity

Reduced freedoms (especially 1st and 2nd amendments)

More social engineering

Less representation of alternate views provided by multi-party structure

Disincentives for equity investments

Increased "entitlements"

Bigger government

More regulations

Less freedom to choose


Senior Advisor

Re: Poll

With the possible exception of the 2nd Amendment that sort of all sounds like Trumpism.

Maybe not "equity investments" but that never counts until you cash out.

And some plastic and light bulb issues as a matter of lifestyle, I guess.

Senior Advisor

Re: Poll

I know every ignorant goober is sure that it is his God given right to throw the Big Gulp cup out the window of the Volare, but jeez.

A decent social ethic of not being completely wasteful pigs, coupled with some reasonable policy, is like the beginning of the march to the gulag?