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Senior Advisor

Polls are remarkable in their stability

538 Composite underwater for IMPOTUS Dave Dennison since a brief 3 day honeymoon* and have continued in a band 0f -9 to -16 disapproval ever since- currently at a very typical -11.5.

That's not going to get any better. 

Heaven knows what happens when we get closer to the election and DD smells the writing on the wall.

*kicked it off with some early gaslight whoppers rather than "acting presidential." 30% love the gaslighting and think they're all in on the joke**, and 10% just want some of that ood 'ol DD corruption moolah.

** over time many have begun to actually believe them

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Senior Advisor

Re: Polls are remarkable in their stability

Speaking of DD-

good story today about how after extensively working with Cohen to do the Stormy payoff, DD called Cohen with the Mrs. on the line and got Cohen to catch on to denying it and saying that he alone had taken the initiative.

Like anyone who's worked with DD he understands the gangster weasel language fluently.

If the Mrs. could be convinced of that then maybe she is even dumber than I thought.

Is it possible to retroactively revoke Genius Visas?