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Re: Poor Garland

Desperation allows for risk taking on the part of losers.

It’s suddenly rather fortuitous that the Governor agreed to those debates.

Re: Poor Garland

Ummm..  a desperate Far RW campaign put their spin on an loosely worded statement.

It’s an awful situation that wouldn’t have been handled as it was without the response that was given.


Esteemed Advisor

Re: Poor Garland

Brucefus, just because I bought Tony a beer once at Festag Days and told him he was doing a good job, I would not classify him as a "butt buddy". Whassup with you and Nutz with all the gay sex references? I think Sigmund would say that was indicative of something latent, or maybe obvious. I don't think Shifty ever figured out, either, that if you are going to walk the walk of a good liberal you had better mind your talk. He used to call people gay, too.

The nexus between Lying Timmy Walz and the absconded $250 million is hands on, and should be the nail in his coffin. Just think about Tim Pawlenty having to take the fall for a faulty I-35 bridge construction project that happened probably before he was even born or weaned. Most likely would have been a vice president except for that failure, and he wasn't even at fault and never lied about it.

Maybe you can give Walz some help with his resume with the Pohland family.