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Poor Marge, she's all pissed off,

McCarthy, Stefanik, even Scalise criticized her "masks are Holocaust" comment.  "McCarthy didn't even call me beforehand", she whined.

  Of course, the republicans squirmed on their hands for three days until the pressure from the Jewish republicans forced them to say something, and then they never mentioned her by name.

  Meanwhile, she goes on to claim that she (& Matt Gaetz) are the new leaders of the republican party, and nobody contradicts her.


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Re: Poor Marge, she's all pissed off,

Gaetz has the exploratory feelers out for a ‘24 run for the WH.


Esteemed Advisor

Re: Poor Marge, she's all pissed off,

not going to happen but he probably would be about as popular as * and heelsup were. So how did that work out? two corpses end up as the nominees, and win with 3am heroics.

yeah, real fine display of honest government.