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I thought

the most interesting was the vote in Maine* to do Medicaid expansion, which the legislature passed and Gov. LePage vetoed.


The way out of the healthcare crisis is pretty simple, really, but remains blocked for the same reasons why ACA came to be in the first place (Harry and Louise).


Full Medicaid expansion and a separate Medicare** pool that has to accept anyone and is priced to be self-sustaining with the exception of sliding premium subsidies.


Let the insurance companies keep their big market- groups- and let them offer whatever they will to the 5 million or so ACA victims who aren't in a group and don't have someone with a pre-existing condition. There's a bit of a free ride there as the public option remains in place for when someone does develop a disqualifying condition, but hey, they're good folks.


**20% lower overhead costs plus Medicare reimbursement rates are generally lower than private insurance. If you could get the GOP to stop blocking attempts to permit Medicare from negotiating drug prices with pharma you could further reduce costs in both pools.


*lotta rural white folks, big opioid problem. Although according to Gov. LePage that is due to out of state black people coming in to sell it- and getting innocent white girls knocked up to boot.