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Post mortem on how Trump came to be


From a conservative radio talker. A pretty good explanation of who is the pied piper at the center of the RW echo chamber and how the whole game works.


Also goes a good way in explaining why everybody I know just know all sorts of interesting things.


He says it's Drudge.


"To fully understand how and why the “conservative” (I use that term loosely) media willingly enabled this hostile takeover of the Republican Party, you primarily need to comprehend what a fraud the entire industry is. In short, the vast majority of “conservative” media is simply just a business cynically disguised as a cause."

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bruce MN

Recomended...too clear to misunderstand


Senior Contributor

Re: Themedia and the Trumpster

There is one reason alone the media promote Trump and that is because it influenced ratings for the networks and for the newspapers.They gave him millions in airtime that he needed to use little of his own. How many times have you tweeted cnn or  Fox news and were given access to the airwaves? Not often I'll bet but the donald calls Mornting Joe regularly and they put him on the air. Why do they do that? Don't they have a program schedule to full fill? Nope they always got time for the Donald when ever he calls.


Meanwhile the other candidates cannot buy enough air time to promote their philosophy. The media has created the monster in the republican campaign. Both number one and number two are poor choices.


Now the heirarchy of the rep[ublican party are afraid the Trump will go down and take the republican senate majority with him and now fear the damages in the congressional numbers. They can't replace trump because Trump supporters will not vote for an alternative choice. So you guys get the Trumpster and we get the white house and the senate.