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Postville case

Trump commutes the bank fraud sentence of the Kosher packing guy who employed hundreds of illegal immigrants.


Just want someone who's in the know to explain that one to me.

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Re: Postville case

All I’ve seen is that the move doesn’t overturn his conviction or constitute a pardon.  It just lets him out of jail.


Has to offer great comfort to little people with family members doing time for petty marijuana violations and the like.


There was a bit a couple of weeks ago about Sheldon Adelson going wobbly on Trump.  ????


Re: Postville case

But I see where Dershowitz is all in on the attack on the FBI.


One can connect the dots reasonably to assume that he's either a part of or compromised by the Epstein/Mossad child sex ring.


Which you can deduce by a further stretch has possibly compromised this administration.


I'm not as worried about NK as I am about the ME. While it is entirely possible that Bibi has effectively made Israel a post-democratic one-man state, his lifetime legacy of corruption is bringing some serious domestic fire down upon him. I fear that he may be getting a little desperate.

Bibi's move

Ignoring the opinion of a substantial percent of American Jews and throwing in with the alt-right and christain zios is probably sound. Should some knucklehead paint a Swastika on a synagogue or something the normal outlets can compartmentalize that anyway, and even make some use of it.


The big game is in play today. Haley is being used to separate the US further from the rest of the world, traditional allies and international institutions so that we will become even more a vassal of the Zionist state.


While on the surface it wouldn't seem constructive to unite the Muslim world under the lead of Iran, that appears to be the game.


In the US, there's a vocal and militant third who will support anything that the RW media needs to spin. About a third of those are corporates and people who have financial assets who don't care as long as they're making money. The other two thirds of the third are just mad about one thing or the other.


That's enough to get it done, at least over the next 11 months.


Voting against, the US,  Israel, Togo, Micronesia, Guatemala, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands and Honduras.


Israel has been buying support in the S. Pacific for some time where the size of nations means a vote comes cheap. Honduras and Guatemala are interesting- basically Venezuela has nothing on them in the rule of law category other than they're of the "opposite" political persuasion.


Haley's threats did manage to produce some abstentions- MX most notably.

"Aryan Death Cult"


The fact that the Zionists hold Christian Zionists in contempt doesn't keep either side from using the other for their desired ends.

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Re: 128-9

And Canada.

Do not think that helps the Liberal position at home but they are trying to butter up your dear leader in case he does something else that is stupid and leads to more hurt at home



A controversial UN resolution against President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has passed 128-9, with Canada among countries that abstained from voting.

Before the UN General Assembly voted Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump had threatened to punish any country that opposed him.

The assembled voted in favour of declaring "null and void" the U.S.'s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. There was a total of 35 abstentions. 

at the micro level

The guy was a member of the Lubavitcher sect, which is the central haven to the Jewish mafia. While the Kushners aren't Lubavitchers themselves they've clearly been the recipients of a lot of illegal money as per Mr. Kushner Sr.'s felonious history.


There's also a close relationship between that crime organization and the Russian mafia (i.e. Russia, a mafia nation) as represented by close Trump confidant Felix Sater, who has ties to both.


Nice time to slip it in, though, with a lot of other stuff dominating the news cycle.



Canada was apparently

going to vote with the US, but changed to abstain on account of Trump's bullying.


No one with any cojones would ever submit to him even if it is a lose-lose situation- the fundamental problem with the win/lose worldview that his life as a gangster has produced.


And then there are the people who join in behind the bully and stone puppies.