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Pot growers/smokers cause global warming

Interesting, we legalize pot and have one of the worst winters in history. We need to study the correlation between man made global warming and consumption of pot. We might need more tax on pot than is on coal. We need to think of the children and polar bears.





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Re: Pot growers/smokers cause global warming

OOOPPPSS--that would make it "man-made"!

Re: Pot growers/smokers cause global warming

Here's an aside.


For what I know, growing pot is about as difficult as growing giant ragweeds so I imagine I'd excel at it.  Likewise, genetics aren't proprietary (until Monsanto gets in on the game) and thus whatever varieties are desirable would get around quickly.


So in a free market pot would be virtually free.


But since the illegality factors has placed a high premium on the stuff, there are now all sorts of folks thinking that they should get some sort of right or assurance to extract the illegality premium through legal protection.


Which is now "an industry", with a lobby.  Sort of like "agriculture" in a way.

Re: Pot growers/smokers cause global warming

I was reading that one of the states in the process of legalizing it, Washington I think, was actually making it harder to home grow.  The logic being that it would be more difficult to tax if grown at home.   


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Re: Pot growers/smokers cause global warming

Not sure how they believe it is even possible to make pot difficult to grow.   There's good reasons they call it "weed".   And over the long term,  govts.  will soon find out that there will be so much grown avoiding the taxes.    After all you're dealing with a group that broke laws before and legalization won't make them honest and law abiding.


I'm sure the libs won't admit their pot is causing global warming.    "That's really caused by cow farts."