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BA Deere
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Power outage Oregon, antifa`s fault?

Surely can`t be governor`s fault  🙂

No power for nearly 230,000 in Portland metro, Willamette Valley following winter storm

As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, Portland General Electric was reporting more than 209,000 customers without power, and Pacific Power reported more than 20,000 customers.
PGE: For some, power could be out for days

PORTLAND, Ore. — The thaw began Monday, but the havoc wreaked by this weekend's winter storm will linger for some time. Hundreds of thousands of Oregonians are without power, heat, internet and other services, and Steve Corson, a spokesperson for Portland General Electric (PGE), said for many customers it could be that way for days.

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Re: Power outage Oregon, antifa`s fault?

Bunch of whiners.  Bïtched about hot forest fires now complaining about the cold. 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Power outage Oregon, antifa`s fault?


Oregonians are suffering without power because those in power have failed us. As with Covid, a natural disaster has become far deadlier due to the inaction & ineptitude of Katherine Brown and Oregon`s Democrat leadership. This didn’t have to happen and doesn’t have to continue.

While they focused on bathroom bills, “trans in girl`s restrooms” legislation and fighting with sports teams over the Star Spangled Banner, Oregonians were left vulnerable to uncontrolled Covid spread, a bungled vaccine rollout and now this “rolling” power blackout.

If you can’t do your most important job - protecting the lives of those you were sworn to serve - then get out of the way and give the power and resources to local leaders who are fighting with all they’ve got to get past your mess and save the people in their communities.

State leaders don’t get to say that they didn’t see this coming. Energy experts and State House Dems, among others, were warning of this for years. Brown chose to ignore the facts, the science and the tough decisions and now Oregonians will once again pay the price.