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Powerful story of forgiveness

Nazi Descendant Tracks Down Jewish Family To Give Them Astonishing Message (

The trajectory of history and human goodness and virtue does not take a nice straight arc, but every once in a while you do see a glimpse of what was implanted into us to distinguish us from the chimps and apes.


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Re: Powerful story of forgiveness

It seems to me, you haven’t moved from the chimp and ape stage.

Republicans do one thing well....they are all liars.


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Re: Powerful story of forgiveness

Visted the Corrie TenBoom home in Haarlem the summer before last.

A wonderful story about how she made the intentional act of forgiving her captors after she'd been interred in a concentration camp and her family had all died there.

Although was not prepared for the heavy dose of  fundamental Dutch Reformed Christian Zionism from the tour guide. No comment, just hadn't thought about it in that way as far as what the family's motivations were.

You can get into the hidden chamber behind a false wall where they hid Jews, if you want. Does leave you with a strange feeling.


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Re: Powerful story of forgiveness

Good story Dr. Red, thanks.

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Re: Powerful story of forgiveness

Thanks for posting that Red.