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Senior Advisor


If Trump wins the election Obama will open the borders to all allowing ILLEGAL aliens in by the 100s of 1,000s if not millions. On his last day in office he will grant them a full pardon. He's a sniveling little cry baby and if he doesn't get his way he will burn it down.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Prediction

Yes 3020, the best we can expect is Obama will go on vacay his last 2 couple months, but I`m afraid he`ll test the limits and beyond of the executive branch and just "dare" the legislative branch to untangle it.  God help us if the country goes full retard and elects Hillary, a Democrat senate and the Republicans lose a few house seats.   When Democrats are drunk on the blood of saints, they push and push and if the Repubs are in full retreat, things so bad might pass that even these Kool aid drinkers will cringe.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Prediction

Who would have believed that Mrs. Clinton, the lying enabler of

a documented sexual predator and sleasebag, would make the

last few weeks of the campaign about Donald Trump behaving



I have had women grab my butt...always took it as a compliment.

Guess I should have been offended, right?Almost absurd.


If Donald Trump had actually done something illegal, there would

be lawsuits up the wazoo against him...where are they? Looks like

the Americans are not lining up to lie about the guy anymore...

the Mrs. Clinton camp found a ....FInlander?? Guess she doesn't 

worry so much about the lawsuit after Trump wins, and she needed

some of the Clinton cash.


Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. CLinton shelled out a million dollars to

make the Paula Jones case "go away", BJ got impeached, BJ

surrendered his Arkansas law license for perjury, etc etc. 


Facts, not made up incidents.