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Veteran Advisor

Re:first god

Since many of you are wondering where and when 'god' began, or man began to 'believe' in one god, I would suggest you Google Zoroastrianism and read about the history of a single god.

Or you can just try this link to start

Then google it and find out more about man's history.

See if you can find out about the Egyptian history of 'one god' and why it did not last.

Re: r3020 theories

Jim - in your mind that may be true but you are far to intelligent to accept that deep down inside. You know the truth of this rubbish but it is socially acceptable to be seen practicing religion.  It is good for business because this religion thing has so many followers.  It think they are call sheeple.


My father died a few years ago and he was not a good catholic but he believed in god.  Up until about 2 months befored he died.  He did some soul searching and finally come to reality.  He died peacefully knowing he had no one to answer to.  Maybe you could experience the same.  No god - no masters. That is freedom and liberty.