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Re: The Proof That You Seem To Seek....

BA Deere
Senior Contributor

Hmmmm Never thought of that one Ida LoL

I always believed success in sports or anything is "90% perspiration and 10% inspiration". Maybe MikeM can take the topic up on his radio show Smiley Wink.....naw he`s too smart..wouldn`t touch this toxic stuff with a 10 foot pole.

Re: Maybe You Would Like To Have These Guys for Neighbo(u)rs??!?

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Re: Prejudice & Racism

  Canuck, all the derogatory and racist BS that is posted here by a few, and tolerated by most, is the obvious and total resistance to progress and/or change of our society. Could anybody imagine what this forum would be like if it was around during segregation??

  What you are reading by some, is the resistance of, or the mentality of some that things stay the same, or even go back in time to an era that was drastically different than now. A time that "if they knew what was good for them they STILL wouldn't drink out of that water fountain". The sense of "white is right", and "my ancestors fought in the revolutionary war" mentality, where jealousy sets in and some feel as though they are being left behind. That because they're white, they're entitled to all the breaks in life, and if someone else gets a few breaks, "that's not fair". It's ironic that the claims of welfare being used by people of color, that the people with no skin pigment also receive a form of welfare, and from the same department.

  You will also notice the blame mentality, that "it's their fault", that the reason for our societies problems can be laid at the feet of a group of people, instead of everybody in this country.

  Maybe it was indirectly taught to them by people they respected/parents, and some was ingrained along life's way because of various circumstances. The "I didn't get that job because they HAD to hire a minority" crap, or their own self-justification/reasoning  for their incompetence, because it just COULDN'T be their own fault. Those people ALWAYS choose the easiest path of placing blame(for any and all problems) on some body else, because it's never their fault.

  You won't change anybodies mind with reference to others concerning race, their attitude will more than likely stay the same or get even more hostile towards them. Did you notice the level of aggression, hatred, or trying to place blame for their hatred onto others, and the goofiest reasoning or justification for it here? The dislike/hatred for people of color, and couple that with an opposing political ideology, equals dislike/hatred for the people of color, and "it's the liberals fault". They reinforce their own opinions daily, with the help of various forms of media, not just Fox news. I don't know how much media coverage that you saw of Hurricane Katrina, but if you did, the images or video of blacks taking food and water was considered looting, and they were criminals, and if the same thing was done by whites, they were just trying to survive, and probably left a note with a list of things"borrowed". The media tries to propel those attitudes on a daily basis, and Fox is the worst at it. It's similar to the prejudice of  of beauty towards others that aren't as good looking. Why are all the media people that are front and center good gorgeous, with not an imperfect feature? It's the same with people of color, it's all about image and the portrayal of such. 

  Each generation gets better than the previous, and who knows how long it will take for EVERYONE to see each other as total equals.

Re: Oh, Yeah??!??

You will change your tune when you have YOUR neck stepped on as they smite "da crackers down".  I , for one, will not feel even the slightest sorry for you.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Oh, Yeah??!??

  They are using belligerent and obnoxious behavior to TRY and bring attention to their cause, whatever it is, and it's really hilarious that YOU use THEIR crap to bring attention to your endeavor to prove your alleged "superiority". You apparently can't see the blatantly obvious correlation of your behavior to theirs, can you?????????

  You are just like them. Did you ever wonder why Fox news has given them a sounding board, or had them on their network 50? times??? They, like you, think that the more boisterous and obnoxious they act will somehow bring more attention to them and their cause, when in reality people are more likely to be turned off by that behavior.

  BTW, thanks for proving my point, as your post is a perfect example of what I meant.

Senior Contributor

Re: Oh, Yeah??!??

"They are using belligerent and obnoxious behavior to TRY and bring attention to their cause, whatever it is."   Just as PETA does when they throw a pie in the face of a teenage pork queen at the state fair.  It still is wrong  and should be aggressively denounced by all.   Especially when they are out there advocating murdering men, women and children as with these two nut cases who call themselves the new Balck Panthers.  I don't care what their cause is or how justified and noble they or others believe their cause is or how repressed they have been in the past it is simply wrong and should not be condoned by anyone and especially members of the black community.   Same goes with white racist whacko's such as the KKK.  We need all level headed folks to keep telling them how how wrong their behavior and beliefs are.


I think most of the problems with racism can be traced back to poor parenting and a lack of good role models.  Yes there are blacks who give their race a bad name.  There are many young black males who try to act like tough thugs.  When ever we visited our son's college dorm there were always several young black males loitering around the entrance doors and main hall acting as if they were trying to intimidate white students coming and going.  I noticed when I was in college thirty some years ago when I would go to a public gym and play pick up basket ball games that often young black males would act far different when they played on a team with white players then when they were on a team comprised of all black players when they would do more trash talking and strutting.  Reminds me of how guys will act much different when out drinking with the guys then when in the presence of ladies. However I don't think the behavior of some of these young black males is much different then many young white or Hispanic males I know or have seen that also feel the need to act tough and prove themselves.  I believe strongly that many of these troubled young males have not had the best of upbringing and could have benefited from better role models growing up.


Waterloo has always had a bad reputation for trouble and violence with the younger generation.  If I recall correct a couple high schools there quit having their football games on Friday nights for a time many years ago because of excessive fights between students during the Friday night games so they played their games during the day on Saturdays.  


As far as troubled youth being a problem for all races I can bring up the case of a near by town with a population of about 3000 people.  Last year I was told their high school had 9 girls pregnant at one time.  We calculated it amounted to about 8% of the female student population of high school students that were pregnant at the one time. There were no black students in the school which was about 95% white and 5% Hispanic. 


Ida, didn't you see the recent Duke study that said a person's belly button is their center of of gravity and the height of person's navel has an effect on their ability to run or swim faster.  Seems blacks have higher belly buttons which helps them run faster and whites have lower belly buttons which helps them swim faster according to the study.  


"It so happens that in the architecture of the human body of West African-origin runners, the center of gravity is significantly higher than in runners of European origin," which puts them at an advantage in sprints on the track, he said.

Individuals of West African-origin have longer legs than European-origin athletes, which means their belly-buttons are three centimeters (1.18 inches) higher than whites." 


That means the black athletes have a "hidden height" that is three percent greater than whites', which gives them a significant speed advantage on the track.


"Locomotion is essentially a continual process of falling forward, and mass that falls from a higher altitude, falls faster," Bejan explained.


In the pool, meanwhile, whites have the advantage because they have longer torsos, making their belly-buttons lower in the general scheme of body architecture.  "Swimming is the art of surfing the wave created by the swimmer," said Bejan.

"The swimmer who makes the bigger wave is the faster swimmer, and a longer torso makes a bigger wave. Europeans have a three-percent longer torso than West Africans, which gives them a 1.5-percent speed advantage in the pool," he said.


I'm now wondering if the fact that the ice in hockey is simply frozen water has something to do with the lack of blacks in the sport of hockey???

BA Deere
Senior Contributor

That was just my book report

Canuck, you take it up with Jarod Diamond the author of Guns, Germs and Steel. That liberal fool owes me about 6 hours of my life I won`t get back from reading his malarky. BTW did Whitey steal from the Dark ones?  If you`re right and the Dark ones were making steel swords waaay before Whitey, how did Whitey steal from them? AAAAGGGHH!!! You and Bruce are confusing me with your confounded revisionist history !!!! Smiley Happy

BA Deere
Senior Contributor

Re: Oh, Yeah??!??

I gave ya kudos on this one Dag....You`re not blind  Smiley Happy

Veteran Advisor

Re: Prejudice & Racism,Tom

What you say Tom makes perfect sense to me.

I know those who hate and fear people with a different skin colour are unlikely to see what their words do to others and what it is likely to do to their own children in the future.

Had a young lady here with our grand daughter today and I can say I am glad we did not teach our children to dislike/fear/hate people of different skin pigmentation because those kids played together and I am sure they did not even notice the different colour.

Lets hope the generations continue to improve in your country.