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Re: Oh, Yeah??!??

So 'high belly buttons' caused by long legs is not just caucasian and black.

I have a grand daughter who runs like the wind, her mother did too, she has long legs (do not know how her belly button rates) her sister has short legs and she does not run well.

Both caucasian. Both same mother and father.

Hope that study was well done and checked against all possible errors.

I do know black people who do not run well.

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Re: The Proof That You Seem To Seek....

To be fair in 'advertising' Millie you should put up some of the KKK youtubes too.

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Re: Maybe You Would Like To Have These Guys for Neighbo(u)rs??!?

No worse than the KKK.

Hope I do not have to have either as neighbours.

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Re: That was just my book report

BA, there is a lot more to history than taking and stealing.

Societies flourish and then they decline for a whole lot of different reasons and sometimes (perhaps most times) an invader is only the final blow to an empire or society that has already run out of resources, which ever kind it may be.

But do a check and I am sure iron was being made long before Europe dragged itself out of the Dark Ages and threw off the shackles of the church. Indeed check your bible and I am sure you will find referances to iron tools there?

Now I am sure there was iron culture in Africa thousands of years BC as there was in Asia and other areas.

Do not forget that the smelting of iron was a learnig process too and as time went on some areas found ways to make better steel just as man move past the bronze age into the iron age.

So no revisionist history just ALL the history and I think the correct timeline.

Too often European culture like to take credit for discoveries that were just retreads of what others knew long before Europe. Without proper study and education many European descendants have been led to believe they were the centre of the world and had all the knowledge.

Re: The Proof That You Seem To Seek....

Craig, I know what you said is now true but is this guy the full quid? What is his history?

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Re: That was just my book report

Hey Canuck, by God I swear you Love to argue almost as much as I Smiley Happy . According to wiki the Iron Age began in the India/Asia area in the 12th century B.C.  Now in Northern Africa they worked iron from a meteorite, King Tut had a iron knife in his tomb (please don`t get started on Tut`s race...or you`re on your own Smiley Happy )  Things need to be put in a "Age" order or discussions become ridiculous and digress into "this race was the first to take a breath and without the first breath the Space Shuttle would have been impossible!!!!". Quick story, After the 2000 election (hanging chads debockle) I came up with a idea for a movie of a small town whose ballots were lost in a close Presidential election and the whole town had to revote. The candidates campaigned all the residents before their going to the ballot box a second time. Well, years later Kevin Costner came out with a errily similar movie "Swing Vote".  Since then I`ve had a one sided, comical spat with Kevin Costner. I thought of it first, but he actually got off his duff a made a buck, props to him Smiley Happy

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Re: Re:Racism is taught

Worthwhile reading here Craig. Something to get a handle on going forward:


And while on another topic of current interest,  the general premise of this snip form Tom Freidman's column yesterday might be applicable to this situation also:


'The last word goes to the contrarian hedge fund manager Jeremy Grantham, who in his July letter to investors, noted: “Conspiracy theorists claim to believe that global warming is a carefully constructed hoax driven by scientists desperate for ... what? Being needled by nonscientific newspaper reports, by blogs and by right-wing politicians and think tanks? I have a much simpler but plausible ‘conspiracy theory’: the fossil energy companies, driven by the need to protect hundreds of billions of dollars of profits, encourage obfuscation of the inconvenient scientific results. I, for one, admire them for their P.R. skills, while wondering, as always: “Have they no grandchildren?”



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Re: Re:Racism is taught

That is an interesting read bruce

I am left wondering how those who think these minorities are so slow, poorly educated etc. expect to fare in their old age when they will need the help of the young.

Glad I live in Canada where our minorities are as smart as the old white folks and many of those minorities are the ones who run the small businesses all around us.

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Re: BA, Argue?

I don't argue! I discussSmiley Very Happy

You found a lot about history of iron in that link. I have come to realize that many things we have been taught in our 'European' areas is often slanted to Europes advantage. Too often the white European tendency is to think it originated there when often the ideas were imported from other places.


Have you heard the election story about the small town that always voted for the same party except one vote cast for the opposition.

Everyone in the town knew the old bachelor that lived on the edge of town was the lone supporter for the opposition so when he died they expected a 100% vote for the party. When the votes were counted after the next election they found 1 vote for the opposition.