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Prepare for another shutdown

which, from a practical point of view would just mean to get your USDA biz done ASAP, Stormy payments or whatever.


Of course it will have next to 0 to do with a wall and almost entirely to do with the fact that Trump's circumstances will look ever more perilous as the deadline approaches.


He'll have no other means with which to slow down the DoJ and House investigations.


My serious prediction is that he'll hold the country-and the GOP in particular-hostage until they agree to a blanket pardon for him and his family.


That a while- and probably many thousand Dow points and God knows what- into the future before the dynamic of the strangle hold of The Base on the GOP lets loose.

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Senior Contributor

Mr. Deep State


the real Deep State- not the phony one that is an echo chamber term for "the rule of law which doesn't apply to us."


This is the guy who disappeared from public life after his trophy wife's firm (that had gotten multi $B gvernment contract) botched the security at Benghazi.


Anyway- he's out there offering the soft way out of what I described above. Trump pardons everybody but agrees not to run again in '20.