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Pres. Butt Pence

the GOP caucus will soon feel the need to try to stop the catastrophe that is enfolding them.


Inclusion of a brain CAT scan in the physical scheduled for 1/12 might provide ammunition but it's not likely that it will be.


While Trump probably wouldn't leave the WH voluntarily I doubt that there is any substantial force that would back him against a lawful constitutional order.


Pence's political future would probably be doomed if he went Ford and offered pardons, although if he does that might indicate what his exposures are in some of the matters.


If he doesn't offer blanket pardons I think he'd get a brief honeymoon of public support and then it would depend on what he did from there. Contentions here aside, a conservative republican president won't feel the same intensity of opposition as a guy who's just trying to keep his WWE crowd whooped up- which by definition assumes that some the people in the arena are on the other side. In this case it turned out to be m ore than half.