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Pres. Pence

it does feel like the last week has tick tocked Dennison right into checkmate even if he tries a few more crazy moves.


But he'll for sure be negotiating for some form of blanket pardon for him and his family and I'm hard pressed to see how that turns out as anything other than a political disaster for Pence.


Ds are in no hurry to impeach- that's mostly talk from the Echo Chamber to keep The Base revved up but at some point if he's holed up in there and wqon't come out, something will need to be done.


Make no mistake about it- if the GOP still held the House they would be trying to find a way to initiate permanent GOP rule*- but a D House makes that a lot harder.


SCOTUS, I guess, but I'm thinking that Roberts, at minimum, doesn't go in for a full blown coup.



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if you don't believe that the GOP would have moved to install itself as the permanent ruling party then you aren't paying attention.


Actually, "would have" should read "will" although I think the election results make success far less likely.


And the extraordinary nature of the fellow who seized control of their rapidly degrading "political party". Actually, even the sternest critics didn't realize how far down the line the GOP had gotten until Dennison revealed it.


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Re: Pres. Pence

For sure if impeached, he cannot pardon himself!
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Re: Pres. Pence

That’s a plus!!!!

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Re: NC, WI, MI

meanwhile selfish, I don't suppose there is anything worth admitting to that the demos have done in the past 50 years...


however, the great divider was less than a decade ago...