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Pres. Pence?

As it appears that Pres. Trumpsky is already crumbling under the psychological burdens of the job, we revist the 25th Amendment, Art. 4.


All that is required is that a majority of the cabinet affirm to the Pres. Pro Tem and Speaker that they believe the President is not up to performing his duties and it is done.


What happens then is anyone's guess- do they perp walk him out to Marine 1, strap him to a gurney?

Pass the popcorn bigly.


I think the world looks a lot different under Pres. Pence. Most of the poulist stuff, real or imagined will fade and and pretty quickly go to a plain 'ol hard, hard right agenda.


The people "chose" and they deserve to get it, good and hard.

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Re: Pres. Pence?

Under President Pence I'd expect that entitlement reform and spending cuts would return to the fore while the enthusiasm for infrastructure spending would dry up.


Essentially, Bleeding Kansas.

Veteran Advisor


why dont you just sell out before the crop subsidies and subsidized crop insurance come to a halt and see if you can be solvent? maybe you will have enough left over to get you to Medicare insurance so that the repeal of the ACA wont ruin your life, either.


Just thinking that this Trump election must have scared the living crap out of you, and that must be the reason.


Its simply amazing how you can watch someone shift from one position to hate Reagan cause he said he was going to stop subsidizing farmers, and didnt, and now you hate Trump/Pence cause they may stop subsidies?


Re: suggestion

The man is not well.