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President Harris?

What the Hell Did Kamala Harris Just Say? (

Pretty hard to surpass joebiden when it comes to vapid discourse, but we may just have a winner, folks!

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Re: President Harris?

Thanks.  While never going there first off I do get sent by you now and then to that hideous publication.
So, while there I waste 10 or 15 minutes  and get caught up on the hideous cultural complaints and “just know” low brow political commentary.  

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Re: She's just trying to keep it simple for trump's "covfefe" crowd.

Obviously, she used too many big words because you still didn't get it.  

But, by the way, how'd that UV light up your ***** work for a Covid cure, or drinking bleach?

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Re: She's is dumb as they come

@rickgthf wrote:

Obviously, she used too many big words because you still didn't get it.  

But, by the way, how'd that UV light up your ***** work for a Covid cure, or drinking bleach?

More lies 😂

This must be the covid treatment resurrection day, I guess its about on schedule the usual every 6 to 8 weeks the same lies must be de bunked again as if the last few years have never been discussed. You've been wrong about everything bois you should probably sit this one out.

Great way to get the headlines out of the threads----

CBP Figures Show Highest Monthly Total of Illegal Border Crossings EVER Recorded

Biden-Harris Regime, Big Pharma Slammed Over ‘Deceptive’ Booster Campaign

Mass Murders Post-Covid Are Plaguing Democrat-Run Gun-Nanny States the Most

These just a few today 

Amazing no mention of the mass murder event in Commiefornia with the highly restricted gun laws. I suppose it's like the weekly gun violence happening  in major democrat sh`it holes, its not allowed to be talked about from high command.

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Gayle King, CBS, Gun murders

Last week Gayle King threw joebiden under the bus.

This morning she listened as one of the "experts" talked about how the gun used was already illegal, and then went on to address gun violence needing a solution.

Well, Einsteins, if what he did was already illegal, and he did it with an already illegal gun, how is passing a new gun law going to address any of that?

If you are going for gun grabbing, you probably should first have a pilot study where it shows it works instead of showing that the problem is mental illness, lack of morality, and law enforcement, not a shortage gun laws.

And to address the root of the problem, maybe we need to revisit what civilization is all about, and what the steps were in history to arrive at civilized society.

You are not going to find the answers to that in the indigenous urban areas and studies where civilization is failing.

Hope this helps.

And to her credit, Gayle King didn't say anything inane. She was quiet. Kamala Harris could learn from her.


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Re: President Harris?

Nothing more hilarious than Bruce talking about any unreliable news site. Remember adam Bullshiff and his pee pee tape and the way your mouth watered over ever word he said and every fake news story that covered it. What a tool.

Re: President Harris?

Thinking here if it might be that you and this clown Townhowler are just upset with The Vice President for saying that the transitory inflation is transitory?