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Senior Contributor

President, OWS & Democrats

"If they disturb free and fair elections they should be thrown in jail. You would think Jimmy Carter would go there to monitor things! The mask is off what Holder and Obama call 'social justice."


According to reports the presidents approved OWS group and Democrat support group is planning on disrupting the Iowa Republican caucus.  Where is the UN?  Where is Jimmy Carter?  Where is Eric Holder?  Where is the outrage by liberals?


We all know, it's sitting in a cigar filled room drinking brandy and planning it's next attack on America.

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Senior Advisor

Re: President, OWS & Democrats

The Reverend JAcksuuuuuun is going to be there supporting them.

Re: President, OWS & Democrats

Just 2?


Louis Farakan, Al Sharpton, Bill Ayers, Conell West, Dion Sanders, Snoop Dog and P Diddy can't make it?

Senior Contributor

Re: President, OWS & Democrats

Jesse Jackson has never met a camera he didn't like.  I hope OWS ask him to leave.