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Senior Contributor

Re: President Trump Vindicated!

Absolutely agree, just because Obama was not indicted by a corrupt DOJ and AG doesn't mean he wasn't a criminal.  Thank you for finally admitting that. 

bruce MN

Indictment was never a possibility

That was fairly well set in stone.  


Good overview from a legal legal expert who has been offering useful commentary since even before Mueller was appointed:


Glee on the one hand and despondency on the other are likely both premature.


Logan is right.  Mueller didn’t indict Trump.  But he was never going to.  Not his job.

Senior Contributor

Re: Indictment was never a possibility

Weird how there was something like 37 indictments that came out of the Mueller probe...but now indictments some how werent even a possibility?  Gee that's neat.


Lawfare....lawfare....where have I heard that name from?


Oh yeah!  It's one of the propaganda spots that disgraced Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe used to pass around the corrupt FBI....




Re: Indictment was never a possibility

gh, are you one of those bullies that goes to the beach and kicks sand in the face of the 98 lbers?



Senior Contributor

Re: President Trump Vindicated!

There is something seriously wrong with you people. You cry like a spoiled little kid...

Veteran Advisor

Re: President Trump Vindicated! some can not read or only a few sentences at a time.
While, at this point in time, there is not an overwhelming indication of colluding with Russia....
Remember, they had not the power to charge the
President. Second... there is secret case in front of
The supreme Court, which is is rare
To have such a case. far as obstruction...while again overwhelming evidence was not
Stated that he is NOT exonerated.....((I'll let you
Look up that big word)).

Remember, there are many investigations going
On, which now will have access.

Let's not forget, the NY AG....they have some things
That, while not able to bring charges against Trump
Now....when he advocates the office, he can
Be charged.

Let's not forget, Trump and family entered into
An agreement to dissolve all Trump NY foundations
And have been barred FOREVER serving on any
Foundations in NY.

That right there is enough for me to never support
Him....if he is low enough to claim to be raising
Money for injured and disabled veterans.....yet
Takes the money for himself and family.....that
Tells me all I need to know of his character.

Tell me....if someone did that in YOUR community
What would happen ?? What would you do ??

If he will do that to people who were defending and
Serving this country....just what else is he capable
Of doing.

And if that isn't enough

Look what he is doing to the agriculture community
With trade

Wanting to cut crop insurance 31 percent

Lastly...did you see how much programs that
Provide support to rural community's are cut 

Rural healthcare.... transportation... infrastructure.. today....may not feel like it tomarrow.


I hope and pray that those elected to serve in congress,

To do the right things...our country is in trouble


Lord, you have favored and blessed this country.

I ask and pray you continue to do so.




Jim V1
Veteran Contributor

Re: President Trump Vindicated!

Hey Tightwad,
Answer me this, there is no collusion right,
How can Trump obstruct something that isn’t
Senior Advisor

Re: President Trump Vindicated!

NOW   we  can  get  back  to  the  real  problems,  of  how  do  we  squeeZe   those  Pe$o's  out  of  Mexico,  for  the  waLL,   get  those  University's  up  and  running,  and  a  disrupted  casino  back  on  track -  ? 


End  the  TariFF's  (  easy  win deal ),   BETTER-  CHEAPER - EVERYBODY  health care plans,    lower  the  deficit  -  maybe  ? 


Also  work  on  all  of  those  ''  coffeeeee  guys  pardons ,  seems  to  have  a  full  docket  schedule,  so  golf  outings  might  be  curtailed  -  maybe - ? 


Karma,  witch's  every  where  -  maybe ?   


A   REAL   COFFEE  guy , ( Star $ )   in  the  next  election,  might make  it  interesting  - ? 

Veteran Advisor

Re: President Trump Vindicated!

Two separate issues
Two separate instances

Still.... although it's been looked at.....and still
That ongoing secret case at the high court.

But still, I believe that there was "something".....
Too many what level...I don't
Know....but for me, something just doesn't seem

The other side makes claims, so I should also
Be able to have my reservations.
bruce MN

Re: President Trump Vindicated!

Newspapers and websites are cramped with reports that very thing.

Didn’t publish or post quickly enough for you and Logan.

Foregone as it was, what Barr summarized was in actuality just barely newsworthy but it’s all there is out there.