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BA Deere
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President Trump just got re elected last night.

China`s bending and cracking on trade, Dems too far Left.   And this:

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Re: President Trump just got re elected last night.


In spite of all the media hype for non-Trump candidates, the next election remains Trump's to keep or lose. 

And, in spite of any polls that might be out there, if the election were to take place right now, Trump still wins.

Didn't watch much of the debate, and none of the previous ones.  

The "health care debate" is likely the core issue which Democrats can have more influence.  If health CARE remains outside government, yet health INSURANCE becomes centralized (single-payer), then premiums/taxes should be offsetting (not a net cost increase of trillions), and there could actually be overall cost savings.  Yet, the insurance/medical/pharmaceutical industries will likely do everything within their power to see that this does not happen.

The "gun debate" will take place regardless of the candidate, regardless of who is President.

If the trend toward Socialism continues within the Democratic party, and/or the needless impeachment process continues, then it is quite possible that the Democrats will be really unhappy with the 2020 elections (President, Senate and House).