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Re: Q'pac at 36

He only got somewhere around 15% or so of the eligible population the way it was.  My guess is that voter participation would increase dramatically, even with the significant number of stay home this time in the traditional GOP block who hold serious buyers remorse over their "give the guy a chance. He can't be any worse......" votes.



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Re: Q'pac at 36

So Bruce, honestly, what makes you think that the way you view the world now is more accurate than the way you viewed it a few months ago? You still are in the same bubble, are you not?


This bubble effect is being reported on, and understood as a huge factor in why the left just cannot understand what took place. Even some progressives are admitting they don't really understand the USA anymore.


No shame in admitting that you are out of touch. I felt that way when the people of Minnesota chose Jesse Ventura as way would a third of the voters choose a rassling guy, but then again I never was gay and into watching those nakked guys rassle with each other.