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President Twit's Energy nominee


For Dept of Energy: Rick Perry, also known as Gov. Oops, during his unsuccessful 2012 run for the presidency, Perry proposed eliminating the Energy Department.

DOE is responsible for the care and feeding of all our nuclear bombs, the making of the bombs, the research behind the making of the bombs, guarding and storage of the unimaginably toxic waste created by creating the bombs, a wide range of energy-related research projects involving heavy-duty stuff like particle physics and the quest to address climate change through clean energy and other technologies, efforts at nuclear non-proliferation, and the upkeep of a 1,360-square-mile hole in the ground that can kill you just by looking at you. This is called the Nevada Test Site, and until 1992 was where the bombs were tested by way of being blown up. The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository is located there. It is one of the scariest places on the planet.

Serious stuff, yeah? Not the kind of joint you'd let any fuzzwit off the street come in and oversee. Perry is the guy who will oversee the nuclear weapons program, nuclear reactor production, and disposal of nuclear waste.


Perry will be replacing an MIT-trained physicist.


You remember Rick? During the 2016 election cycle he diagnosed Trump as a “cancer to conservatism.”

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Re: President Twit's Energy nominee

The department of energy does all that? Then just what the heck does the department of defense do?