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Senior Advisor

President for life !!

Ok....time for congress to act
At a speech at his resort, he said
We should do what china did
Elect a president for life and
He would like the job.

This is so wrong I don't even know where
To's a violation of the law, constitution
He wants to be either king or dictator

He just showed his hand.
Saying such he ridicule our whole country and
Form of may laugh, I frankly
Think he is now a danger to the country. ..

And to say a trade war is good .

I just hope to God our elected people have the
Brain's and guts to stand up to this mad man.

And he has access to nuclear weapons !!!

God help us all
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Senior Advisor

Re: President for life !!

Well it must be true is reporting it

It was claimed....but there are things you do
Not joke about, nor make special speechs
Behind door to donors...he needs to act like
A president
Senior Contributor

Re: President for life !!

I am sure your dear leader admires strongman around the world that hold onto the presidency or dictatorship of their countries for life and that use all kinds of illegal tricks to maintain power and do as they wish rather than what is good for their fellow citizens.

Senior Advisor

Re: President for life !!

Like fidel castro.

Senior Contributor

Re: President for life !!

That would solve the worlds problems. All you nut cases would do yourselves in.

Veteran Advisor

Re: President for life !!

No most of us would take people like you out for as long as possible.