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Re: President goes full bore anti-Semite

Plausible deniability insofar as the irrefutable fact that the Israel Lobby is highly influential in US politics. But no indication that they operate in the way Russia did.


There is an urban legend sort of story about 1948 and the Dewey upset, though.


Which does at least have a supporting story of an after the fact quantum shift of US policy in favor of Israel, like the ascension of LBJ.

bruce MN

There seems to be no end to it

The loosely, apparently, presumed as non-consequential racism.


Not mentioned here would be Stephen Miller’s frequent spewing of “cosmopolitan”.


Now, Zinke:


These criticism ain’t the PC police.  The slurs are direct.


What is difficult is to decipher the “why”.  Is it a direct, codified appeal/whistle to the base? Simply incendiary and openly hateful?  My best bet is that it’s more than anything just common regurgitation of words and sentiments that are common parts of the culture, and possibly families and communities and religious traditions that these folks come from.  Laced with ingrown ignorance and naivety. That would be, I guess, giving them some small benefit of doubt.



Senior Contributor

I'd invite

Everyone to watch the video of the terrible infraction Bruce is hyperventilating about on YouTube.  Not hard to find.