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Pretty good for government work

science seems to be circling in on an IFR for the 'rona around .65% in places with similar level of care and demographics to the US (implies actual infections about 5X the official number). Not bad compared to the general 1% estimates made on the fly, very early in a pandemic from a totally novel pathogen.

That's about 10X average seasonal flu, or 6X some of the worst ones.

Fatality rate is being bent down a bit from drugs and some very basic thing like learning how to handle ventilated patients.

Think I'll stick with the scientists and let internet knuckleheads do what internet knuckleheads do.

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Re: Pretty good for government work

Would imply we're about 7-10% to herd immunity.

Of course we don't know how long immunity lasts.

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Re: Pretty good for government work

0.04% for those under 70 years of age.   Which is less than the flu.  We haven't come close to hitting the seasonal influenza death totals.  And that's with all the fraud.  But keep lying to yourself Knox... I find it entertaining.

Your panic is truly palpable.  Gives me the warm fuzzies.  

You must now realize that you won't be getting the mail in fraud...   😥😥😥

You hung your hats on Biden....😂😂😂       


Have you seen the gallows in Lebanon for those corrupt politicians? 

Wonder what the percentage is of instant neck fractures when they hit the end of the new rope, vs how many that won't and will consciously feel that desperate attempt to grasp for a breath that just won't ever come?