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Privatization of VA?

Apparently, the New York Times had an article that questioned whether new policies allowed the VA to outsource some of it's missions to the extent that it might lead to the closure of some VA facilities.


The VA and veterans groups are vocally opposing such a move.


Those supporting use of private facilities say the VA can't do the job, is understaffed, too slow, sometimes too distant and so forth.  The VA has not had a good reputation lately for supporting it's patients.


Those supporting VA say outside facilities often don't have the expertise for the kinds of patients and the fix for VA is to fill vacancies and improve facility infrastructure.


I know people who use the VA and my observation is the VA gets by but is not the highest standard of care.  That's just my take.


So, is the VA the model for a government run healthcare system or is it a symptom of how bad such a system would be?

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Re: Privatization of VA?

It’s one more symptom of the right getting political power after saying government doesn’t work and then setting out to govern in a manner that assures it doesn’t. Nothing is more emblematic of that than the history of GOP congresses during Democratic Presidential administrations

Criticism of the VA eminates from RW activism. Client complaints are generally anecdotal.

Not that it couldn’t be improved. That’s the point of the recommendations you refer to. Veteran care should be elevated to the point where it is where the bar is set for private systems. Anything less is in-American
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Re: Privatization of VA?

You mean when government runs health care it becomes a political!!!!! How could this be??

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Re: Privatization of VA?

It has been since the GOP has run the Congress, House and Senate. The can't run the government, never have been able to, and you are right they couldn't run Healthcare. All they have done for years is try and privatize, everything from the USPS, to Prison's, to, Education and it's been a complete and utter failure!! The Republicans don't know how to govern, and don't you forget it!!



Anecdotal complaints of the VA? did you just use a fill in the blank rebuttal form?


Well documented systemic failures.....hard to respond to your post when I know, and you know, better.


The VA was supposed to hire up to 30,000 new doctors and retire or fire many of the incompetent ones. This was front page news during the Obama regime, and partially happened. I know my favorite doctor was targeted and hired under a program to attract the very best the VA could find. A good man, a California liberal, but one  of the "good ones", probably just a little misguided to appease his liberal wife. I miss that doctor.


So.....30,000 new hires and few doctors. In fact, more lawyers were hired than doctors....imagine that?


But, yeah, lets all just live on sugar mountain and say everything at the VA is fine, and sprinkle some magic dust, and it will be.