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Probably not a bad political gamble

Dennison and Bibi throwing American Jews under the bus.

They're not a large constituency, but they do throw some weight in the key states of PA, MI and FLA.

But I assume "they" already turn out at a pretty high rate and are more than likely to come in at the normal 70/30 rate anyway.

In Likud's cynical game, the Ziocon Christians* are a much bigger prize. If some more synagogues happen to get shot up, ADL can "handle" it.

As the Likud turns Israel into a post-democratic, pre-fascist religious ethno-state, their sympathy for unreturned diaspora Jews is waning anyway. There are politically important ones like Adelson, the Kushners, Wexner etc., but the rest of them sort of had their chance.

*which I regard as a theological abomination, fwiw.

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Re: Probably not a bad political gamble

And, of course, a solid majority of American Jews are less than enthusiastic about the direction Likud has taken the country. The distaste is reciprocal.

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Re: Probably not a bad political gamble

A bit of a history lesson:

"The Jews" did not exactly embrace Messiah v. 1.0  either.

Thus 1.0 clearly stated that he and the mainframe were done with this Old Covenant thing and were opening it up to everybody.

Clearly a neoliberal, globalist conspiracy.


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Re: Probably not a bad political gamble

The Gospel According to Mark gets short shrift sometimes because his consistent blaming of The Jews for killing Jesus can taken as sort of not PC if taken out of context. "The Romans" is a little less bothersome, although not entirely accurate.

Of course none of that means that Jesus' primary antagonisms with the corrupt and hypocritical religious leaders of the day means that Jews who observe their ancestral faith are Christ Killers.

But history doesn't lie and that's how it has played, at times, for better than a millennium.  Islam has a history of much better relations with their Jewish minorities than Christendom does.



Re: Probably not a bad political gamble

how much are you getting paid?