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Probably pretty much all in plain sight

If you don't get caught up in the chatter.


Everybody is lying or being played, or at least seeking bytes that confirm their pre-existing tribal prejudices, so it is understandably hard to have a clue what is going on.


I'll start with my recent previous conclusion- to begin to understand you have to look very carefully at what The Tribe of Good White People are being fed- they are the ones moving the needle and it is being moved by somebody.


For starters I'd opine that the Russian Hack story is probably only partly true, at best.


I've expressed admiration for Kahneman and Tversky but don't want to forget that they come out of the IDF psychology group and far and away the #1 psychological warfare capabilty in the world is in Israel. Not to mention that the rising prominence of Israel in technology is due to the revolving door status between the IDF cyber groups and the domestic industry.


On the basis of how the kimono is getting pulled back here and cui bono I'm going to assume that Israel easily has the capability to originate a lot of that stuff and bounce it through Russian sources. And it really isn't in Putin's to deny it, or even work very hard to stop it because in the end he is totally pragmatic just like the Gambellis are with the Geneveses when it suits them.


So I'm guessing that the Zionist and Slavic Mafias sponsored a coup to install the third head of the triumvirate over the USA- let's call that the Whitetrash Mafia.


The Zionist Mafia gets perpetual turmoil in the ME that they probably expect to exploit for a Final Solution when the opportunity arises. The Slavic Mafia gets relief from NATO in the west and probably more important in the long haul, a strategic move against China where their greater real long term economic and demographic vulnerabilites lie.


As far as what the Whitetrash Mafia gets, well, it protects fossil fuel interests and maybe even makes them hugely profitable depending on ME geopolitics (the big payoff to the Slavic Mafia as well). And, I guess, the .01% who own US politics are free to plunder at will.


Like Reagan, I'm relatively sure that Trump has little real idea of who and what he's really fronting for but he is a capable face man for the Apprentice President role. And his handlers are carefully monitoring the web and the pulse of The Good People and producing tweet and soundbite material for him.





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Re: Probably pretty much all in plain sight

The interests of the Slavic and Zionist Mafias also coincide over Europe.


Russia wants NATO weakened. For Israel, they don't have the kind of nuthold over European countries that they have over the US. Even Germany is starting to get over its historic guilt and grow tired of all the ME troubles that Israeli intransigence has caused.


With due acknowledgement to Godwin, von Ribbentrop and Molotov also once made a temporary agreement for expediency's sake too.

1% or .01%

As to whether it is the 1% or the .01% that benefits as we transition from a Republic to the Whitetrash Empire, that's a fairly subjective answer.


As a rule of thumb I'd say that the Trump tax plan probably serves as a decent guide. If your AGI is over $200K and or your NW is greater than $5M, you can probably consider yourself part of the ruling aristocracy.


Otherwise you're a chump.


Of course it is all quite proportional- even if you make the cut the net return to someone with a $500M NW is quite a lot more than to someone with a $10M, and the amount of political graft that can be paid and still get a satisfactory ROI is also a lot more.

BTW, our intelligence community

is probably not lying, they merely got rolled by a superior operation.


That's quite a lot different than when Bush/Cheney stovepiped false information up through the system.


Although in a post-truth world, close enough to make a tweet or soundbite over and create neutralize it.

BTW further

There is precedence for the Israel Lobby switching horses when a better ride was offered, as in dumping GHWB for WJC in '92.


Bush/Baker ran out of patience with Israel's foot dragging on a two state solution and they got a wee bit tough over it.


WJC cooperatively ignored it except for a couple cursory attempts at "talks" which went nowhere and were dropped quickly.


Among the thigs to worry aobut here, the biggest might be that their grand plans sometimes go awry. Most of the architects of the neocon plan to dismantle Iraq as the first step in reshaping the ME were dual citizens or very closely aligned with Israel.


Whether it was a good or not, having botched it is now a huge and seemingly endless problem.

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Re: Probably pretty much all in plain sight

Speculation based on all your expertise in cyber security?  


Or just bundling up your prejudices in a ball of drivel you've gleaned from the university of google?

Re: Probably pretty much all in plain sight

Better'n  most of the propaganda from the von Mises Institute I'd reckon.

a clue- Flynn


FWIW, the USAF is the branch of the military that is least loyal to the US Constitution and most deeply penetrated by Christian Zionist ideology.


The Navy is the most loyal as it was what The Founders intended as our standing military- they never intended that we'd have a large standing army*.


The USAF is just a revolving door corporation with the aerospace industries that was spun off from the Army after WWII.


*Deliberate misinterpretations aside, that's what they were referring to as a "well regulated militia."



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Re: Probably pretty much all in plain sight

You sure do have a vivid imagination Nox, I will give you that. Read Carl Dennigers piece on The Market Ticker to give you some balance.
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Re: a clue- Flynn

So much expertise.