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Probably shouldn’t count on “stay homers”

Like all of those Bernie Bros. who were gonna show ‘em by staying home in ‘16. Who felt their guy had been screwed out of the nomination, such as 77K or so in 3 states.

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Re: Probably shouldn’t count on “stay homers”

Socialism/Communism is something that you can vote in, but have to shoot your way out of. 

Thank you for motivating Americans to get out and fight to preserve our Republic. Hopefully we will beat you hard enough to derail your goals, entirely. 


Re: Probably shouldn’t count on “stay homers”

The only realistic chance for Dave Dennison to win is if a legitimate third party candidate emerges, or is emerged.

On the left, Jill Stein and the greens are discredited and the Green New Deal people are now inside the Democratic Tent anyway. 

On the right, I guess Justin Amash is the only name that comes to mind for the Libertarians. But he's young, and whether his gamble works out of not, he can afford to play the long game. 

However, unlike the neo-confederates who call themselves Libertarians, he does seem to sincerely believe in his principles.  Couldn't say that he wouldn't grab a chance for a big pulpit.

I'm not really seeing any of them getting much traction. Dennison (and TDS if you'd like) have us split into two warring camps with little air left for anything else.


Re: Probably shouldn’t count on “stay homers”

BTW, Craig, I'd like your thoughts on the Dennsion EPA gutting the ethanol mandate and what that portends for Joni's prospects?

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Re: Probably shouldn’t count on “stay homers”

We are going to get the government that we deserve and unfortunately "the rain falls on the righteous as well as the wicked" and I`ll add to the Righteous side those of us woke folks that voted for Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan in the past "honesty many times is it`s only reward". 

I think it`s a 50/50 chance that Trump will win against Berkamlizbidbuttsaurous.  I don`t know America is ready for that hard Left...they might be, a lot of immigration, a lot of babies weren`t aborted 18 years ago that will vote in 2020, so we`ll see.  If Trump wins, look for the antichrist to appear in the 2nd term to "take his world back".   If Trump loses, look for the new president to be the antichrist and prepare for tribulation either way.