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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Professional Haters for Hire

sad, very sad.

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Re: Professional Haters for Hire

Listening to the video it was just more of the same. 

Liberals pretend to love but they hate, liberals pretend to want freedom but they want control, liberals pretend to want free speech but they want to quash any speech they disapprove of and that's always been their style.


They call terrorist freedom fighters they name anti-American organizations things such as "People for the American Way" which is as un-American way as imaginable.


They want open borders but only borders of those who hate America.  They don't want any educated Europeans only uneducated tribes from South America, the Middle East or Africa.

BA Deere
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Re: Professional Haters for Hire

I wish all the Trump haters would objecively watch that and then tell me why the hell they would support a Hillary or Bernie that will give the keys to the country to those protesters.   I don`t give a sh*t about "Trump`s tax returns blah blah blah" we`re at war fools and many of you still don`t recognize it.

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Re: Professional Haters for Hire

Yep,yep, we love to hate, control and force our beliefs on everyone.  Yep, we are fast learners!  You guys have taught us well.


Re: Professional Haters for Hire

Fools ??  Look in the mirror, fool.


ahhhhhhhh........ The be very very afraid meme !  Typical Milligan / Alex Jones / Trump propaganda.


To clarify for the umpteenth time........ I'm not voting for any of the MAJOR party candidates............... they all suck.


You think Trump is the answer ?


Look at his history, leopards don't change their spots.......... Contracts mean nothing to him, promises mean nothing to him, he has no courage of his convictions, he doesn't even have any convictions.......... everything is and changes on a whim.


4 times he reniged on the financial obligations he agreed to.

2 times he reniged on marriage contracts and obligations.

He is self funding his campaign........ oops, big fundraiser coming up in Los Angeles at some rich guys house.

Ban on Muslims into the states........ welllll, it was only a suggestion........

No minimum wage increase.......... we should now look at raising the minimum wage. 

I'll release my tax returns in 3-4 months ................. said 3.5 months ago................ now it is put out until November.


Daddy Trump says so, so ok, whatever you say Daddy Trump..................... pathetic !