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Progressive's war on the first amendment

We are going to have to change how the media reports the news - Barack Obama



Wednesday on Fox News Radio’s “The Alan Colmes Show,” FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai said the government taking control of the infrastructure of internet with “net neutrality” will eventually lead to attempts to take control of content on websites like the Drudge Report.

Pai said, “It’s not so much the FCC that I’m worried about in terms of online content regulation. But what we do see is that at places like the Federal Elections Commission there is a regulatory impulse to regulate what heretofore has been a pretty open marketplace of ideas.”

He continued, “Net neutrality would insert government jurisdiction over the infrastructure of the internet and in time, other agencies might try to regulate the content.”

He concluded, “If you look at what some of these agencies are thinking about doing right now—last year for example at the Federal Elections Commission, three regulators suggested that they did want to consider online content, like the Drudge Report, potentially as an in-kind contribution given that it had an impact on political campaigns.”