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Progressives: It's Krugman's fault

Watching the progressives heads expolde. HEE, HEE, HEE.



n this sense, the Obamas themselves helped clear the way for Trump.'

Karol Markowicz, of The Daily Beast, a self-confessed anti-Trump Republican, pins the blame solely on NYT columnist Paul Krugman.

In an August column Krugman wondered why 'not-crazy Republicans' are rallying around Trump 'as if he is a normal candidate.'

Markowicz writes: 'What makes Donald Trump normal to so many is that they’ve heard all the hysteria from people like Krugman before. 

'If you use the most vile language available on a good man like Romney, or on real candidates like Rubio and Cruz, you find you have none left for the Donald Trumps of the world—and no one is listening to you anyway.'

The column was also derided by David A Graham in The Atlantic, Kevin Glass, policy director for the Franklin Center, and Kyle Smith, a columnist for the New York Post.

Smith wrote: 'Krugman's plea to "non-crazy Republicans" today would work better if it weren't the first time he has admitted not all Republicans are crazy.'

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Re: Progressives: It's Krugman's fault

Smiley Very Happy   That is pretty good, perhaps the stars will line up for Trump.