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Veteran Advisor

Progressives are gonna love their candidates

they are just going to hate November. Har Har Har!


Unelectable progressive candidates win.


Meanwhile, the conservative ship steers ahead.


The progressives flounder without the cool dude leading the ticket.

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bruce MN

Re: Progressives are gonna love their candidates

Yeah. God help us all if there ever got to be enough non-DLCs of them for it to actually become a story item worthy on MSM attention and reporting. 


bruce MN

From your new found credible source


Working hard out of our house on the Walz campaign. Being accused by callers from the other candidates of being a DINO. 


Honestly. This is all going to be really interesting if nothing else. A lot will hinge on the held image of the Trump Administration. Probably unfair to some good candidates.  But that mass of Obama Trump voters everybody talks about will be critical at all levels. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: From your new found credible source

Walz....there's a guy that seems to raise a lot of questions as to who he really is. Originally ran as a rural common sense veteran with traditional he seems to lead the fruitloop charge in most areas. 


Tell me this, was Walz high on something during that taped PBS governor debate where he was so giddy that he was almost jumping up and down about legalizing drugs, and Rebecca Otto was the only candidate that voiced any concern about where this was going to lead? if someone has a link to that , I would love to have it posted...his eyes almost had that wild eyed look that Garth Brooks gets. 


Governor Goofy has done one thing right in his legalized drugs. Guess he knows firsthand enough about drug and alcohol abuse.